Cannot Get a Restful Sleep?

Try Our Body-Massaging, Beaded Bed Pad

Beaded Bed Pad

Wake Up Feeling Refreshed!

Many people think they will get a more restful sleep if they get the softest mattress they can find. Actually, the opposite is true. The body needs firm support; the firmer, the better. However, the mattress must also yield, or bony body parts will feel uncomfortable.

So how does one get the best of both worlds?

The answer is a simple: the BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD from ADVANCED SYSTEMS gives support that is firm, yet yielding. The gentle, massaging action of its genuine wood beads stimulates circulation and can relieve stiff, sore muscles and joints, so you can experience a new level of restful, invigorating sleep that your tired body craves.

ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD makes any mattress more comfortable. The body needs support to relieve tired muscles. As the pad firmly cradles your body, it increases circulation of blood and lymph through normal movement as you sleep.

During normal daily activity, the body produces waste products. These wastes make the body feel tired and cause it to slow down. Sleep is nature's way of closing down our system so it can clean up the waste we produce each day, and remove it from the blood and lymph systems.

If it can do a thorough job at cleaning up, we will awake in the morning refreshed and full of energy, ready to greet the new day.

If the body cannot clean itself thoroughly or adequately, we wake up feeling "hung over" -- tired, listless, drained of energy, wondering how we are going to make it through the day. The normal procedure many people follow is to take a stimulating cup of coffee to overcome the effects of such auto-intoxication and incomplete waste removal.

Of course, such a practice does not address the underlying cause of fatigue, which is incomplete waste removal. Consequently, the problem does not disappear, but is only prolonged, until more serious, deeper, chronic systemic problems can result.

Massages and Supports

Good body support during sleep is vital for another reason: if muscles, particularly in the lower back, are not supported adequately, they must support themselves. This means they are constantly under stress, and never get a chance to relax fully. Such constant stress eventually results in chronic lower back pain. According to a recent weekly newsmagazine report, a large number of American people are now experiencing chronic lower back pain. This pain can be debilitating and disabling, leading to loss of employment capability, and untold suffering.

Clearly, there is something wrong with the concept of appropriate sleep media we have been led to believe will give us sound, restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep is meant to rejuvenate our bodies and minds. Rejuvenate means to "make young again". Are we growing old and tired, far sooner than we need to?

Are you experiencing mental as well as physical fatigue during the day? According to the aforementioned article, fatigue, both mental and physical, can put oneself and others at serious risk. When one becomes chronically fatigued, reaction times are slowed, productivity decreases, and one becomes more "accident prone". If your occupation includes responsibilities wherein other's lives are placed at risk, such as operation of a vehicle or other machinery, such lowered responsiveness could have tragic consequences, not only to yourself, but to others entrusted to your charge, or even the public at large.

Cab drivers have found that beaded seat cushions are comfortable, and keep them from suffering from back strain or other problems. Their beaded seat pads also keep them alert, which is vital to skillful operation of their vehicles during heavy traffic.

Now you can derive the same benefits they obtain at home while you sleep, with ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD, at a fraction of the cost to acquire a full-sized mattress that promises similar sleep enhancement, but fails to deliver as promised.

Refreshes and Ventilates

The open-weave design of ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD allows air to circulate under the body, giving you a new feeling of refreshed comfort. Many people do not realize that the body needs exposure to air. The skin is an organ which takes in oxygen and gives off waste, just like the lungs. The waste products released during normal activity as well as during sleep include carbon dioxide and other waste products of metabolism, which are carried out of the body when we sweat.

If your bed pad is made of a synthetic material, chances are it does not let your body breathe properly. One sign of this problem is if you sweat during the night, and wake up dripping wet. Unless the cause of your nighttime sweating is due to some health problem, ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD should eliminate this problem once and for all, even in warmer areas, where being able to sleep without sweating excessively and uncomfortably can be a problem for many people.

Controlling Firmness

Many people are so used to sleeping on a very soft surface, it may take a while to become accustomed to the firmer surface of ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD. To help you make the transition, we suggest the following procedure. Simply cover the BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD with whatever thickness of blankets you feel is appropriate to make the pad adequately comfortable for your requirements.

Then, when you have become accustomed to the firmness of your arrangement, simply remove the blankets, one by one, over time, until you can sleep with the BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD just under the sheet or mattress cover that you use on your bed.

Each 60" long x 36" wide BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD is equipped with straps which allow you to securely fasten it to the corners and middle of your full or twin-size mattress. If you have a larger bed size, simply order two BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PADS, and connect them together.

If you have a spouse who does not like the same degree of pad firmness that you do, simply cover their side with whatever amount of padding they desire, while you cover yours to suit your needs. In many cases, a spouse who objects to the pad at first will end up sleeping partially or completely over on their partner's side once they experience the benefits they obtain from doing so. In this way, they are converted without fuss or argument.


The ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD is warranted for two full years against defects in workmanship and materials under normal use.

Terms of Waiver

The ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD should not be construed as a medical device. No claims are made or implied that it will treat, alleviate or otherwise ameliorate any health-related condition. Purchase of the ADVANCED SYSTEMS' BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD implies acceptance of these terms. Remedy will consist solely of replacement or refund upon return of the product in like-new condition.

Cost and Ordering Details:

The cost per pad is only $129.95 each, plus shipping.


If you order 2 BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PADS at the same time, you may deduct $10 from your order.


We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover/NOVUS Charge Cards for all orders, foreign and domestic.


We also accept Money Orders, Personal or Business Checks and Bank Drafts in USA funds drawn on USA banks. Please allow extra time for personal or non-certified funds to clear.


All funds are quoted in USA dollars, and must be drawn on a USA bank. Otherwise, please add $25 USD additional for currency conversion and bank cashing fees per check, and allow extra time for the checks to clear.

Please specify if you prefer Express, Air Mail, or Surface Shipping, and email quantity wanted, city and country of destination for a shipping quote prior to placing your order.


Please add $21.50 per BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PAD to your order to cover insured shipping to destinations within the USA. Please allow up to 2 - 4 weeks for delivery.

To order, just click your left mouse button on the following link: E-Mail.

Send your email inquiries to: ADVANCED SYSTEMS

Thank you for your order/inquiry. If you have any questions, please send email to ADVANCED SYSTEMS.

If you mention you "Saw it on the World Wide Web", you may deduct 10% from your first order!

We are so sure you will be 100% pleased with our BODY-MASSAGING, BEADED BED PADS, we offer a FULL 30-DAY, MONEY-BACK, GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied for ANY reason.

Call 1-800-866-7116 if you prefer to order by telephone. Please have your name, address where to ship, charge card number, name on card and expiration date ready when you call to speed order processing.

If you email us, please type BEADED BED PAD in the "subject" area of your email reply, and that you "saw it on the Internet" to insure you get the special, introductory pricing.

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