Blessed One, Thou Art Sacred!

Every child is born of blood and pain,
And every child is infinitely precious!
The tenderness of love cannot fathom
How precious you are, dearest ones,
Princes and princesses of the Infinite One!

How sad to see children die, soldiers of war,
Refugees of atrocities, unspeakable tortures,
Horrors of manís inhumanity to man!

When will the day come, suffering humanity,
When crops will grow for the feeding of nations,
When love for each precious child of the one true God
Will outshine the motive for profit at the expense of life!

Precious child of the Earth, do not be afraid of love,
Do not be afraid of nurturing, helping, giving and healing!
Do not be afraid of giving your life so others can live!
The greatest among us were those that gave the most!
Surely, we who were born out of love, in the midst of love,
From parents who gave us their unconditional love,
Can begin to give of this love so that others can live!

Child of God, born of the Infinite One, how sacred you are!
When will the love of one another replace the love of money!
When will we learn to trust the One who gave us our lives,
The One who "knows our needs even before we ask"?

"If only it were that easy!" you sayÖ
I say, "It ONLY is that easy!"

--Fred Pulver





In The End

In the end the beginning is found,
In the darkness of night the day begins.
In the cycle of life death and birth are seen,
In the raindrop the cloud that spawns it.

For every tragedy there is another chance
In every rainbow the sun shines
The heat of day gives way to the cool of evening
Without lifeís brief span there would be no eternity.

I stand by the side of the highway of life,
And watch the river flow.
To block the flow would turn its energy
Into a stagnant pond.

It would make no more sense than to kill the Earth!

Yet there are people who would do just that:
Change the flowing river into blocks of ice,
And the fresh mountain stream into pools of death.
What would deprive such people of all reason?

Fred Pulver


Before the New Dawn

When the eagle flies with the dove,
And the rain falls upon the green earth,
Bringing all dreams to full bloom,
The sky will open and they will be free.

When the seasons of shame bring fresh fruit,
And the alabaster sunrise gives way to clear skies,
Then we will drink from the air and breathe the water,
We will live with the earth as one people.

Before the new dawn the old embers lay smoldering,
The sky cast its shadows upon the deep.
The eagle poised upon the pinnacle,
Plunges to announce the rebirth.

Along with the renewal the shorebirds will fly.
The sun will reveal the twins astride the clouds,
The path into the unknown will be revealed,
And the knowledge of the ages will be revisited.

Peace! There is nothing new that canít be known,
There is nothing unborn that cannot be sown.
There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed,
There is nothing departed that will not arrive.

Alone is the midst of plenty,
Astride the seal of great favor,
The renewal will come in the clouds,
And speak of the great becoming.

Come! Let us stretch ourselves beyond the limits,
Let us reach into the heart divine,
Let us drink of the water sublime,
Let us breathe of the pure air of Heaven.

Fred Pulver