An Urgent Message from Our Creator


My dear children, in the Beginning, I told you what to eat so that you could live in health, but you chose to go your own way and eat whatever you desired.


The result is you shortened your lives and have suffered, and continue to suffer, from a legion of diseases, infirmities and malformations. You took the perfect, complete foods that I made for you and adulterated them, milling, bleaching and removing their completeness that is so vital to your health and happiness. You did not consult with me regarding this. You will continue to suffer many tribulations until you realize the error of your ways.


Likewise, you have added to what you eat and drink so many substances that your bodies were not designed to cope with, such as preservatives, sweeteners and innumerable additives. Now you have not only lost sight of my perfect world and design, but you have grown to believe that the world of artifice you created is superior to the one I created. This is your great arrogance, an arrogance which, if you do not overcome it, will cause your downfall.


I made the cereal grains, seeds, nuts and legumes complete and whole foods for a reason they provide, as I explained in Genesis, everything you need to sustain yourselves in perfect health. These were meant to be your main sources of sustenance. Yet you chose other foods that were not as perfect to sustain yourselves. You elected to kill animals for their flesh and drink their milk, even though that was not part of my design. From that time you have experienced the effects of your errors without a clue to understanding why you have been experiencing sickness and suffering in the world.


It is my fervent desire that you will heed my original instructions, for they are still valid, and in so doing, recover your health. You will also find there will be plenty of food for everyone, and as long as you share what I have given you with everyone, you will not lack what you need. And through your acts of generosity and sharing, you will turn former enemies into friends, and peace will return to the world. I gave you freely what you need, and in turn I expect you to share freely what I gave you with others.


You decided to kill and eat the flesh of animals. In most areas, this is not suited to perfect health, as your researchers and nutritionists are now discovering.


I have not spoken to you previously as I am now regarding this subject because you are my children. As such I hoped you would discover the validity of the advice I gave you so many generations ago by yourselves.


I made this world for you, my children. I designed it perfectly, so that you would not have to struggle to avoid or overcome illness, birth defects and other tragedies. These things you brought upon yourselves by ignoring what I told you was appropriate for your food. I did not tell you these things so that your happiness would be restricted, but so it would be fulfilled and sustained.


If you would humble yourselves and stop eating and drinking things that stimulate your senses and exhaust your vitality, you will recover your health and live long, happy lives.


Your planet will recover and become fruitful once again if you practice natural farming principles. I will send rain to water your crops and sun to make them grow. I gave you this beautiful planet Earth for you to inhabit and enjoy, yet you have desecrated it by unwise husbandry. Cease your unnatural, genetic manipulation of foods and adding chemical fertilizers to the ground. Replace them with compost produced through natural decomposition, and your soils will be restored, along with the health of the crops you grow thereon. Then your health, which depends upon the health of the soil, will also be restored.


May this message be spread far and wide through the electronic, written and spoken word, so that my kingdom of peace and happiness can return to you, my children, throughout the Earth.