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Introducing Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone in an

HGH 2004

The new Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone formula, HGH 2004, is simple and easy to use.  Just open your mouth, depress the pump sprayer 3 times and spray under your tongue, three times a day and you're on your way.  If you are over the age of 25 and looking for a way to minimize some of the effects of aging, HGH 2004 may be the ideal answer for you.  Each 3-4 month supply bottle is affordably priced and is specifically formulated to help insure you receive the maximum benefits HGH 2004 can provide.

"I've been taking homeopathic HGH for the past several months and my results have been quite productive. I have worked with several nutritionists and more products than I care to name to get the size and muscle definition needed for competitive body building. Never have I had something that was so easy to take and carry that worked so quickly and effectively. My body fat levels have dropped without any change in my diet. When I was a competitive body builder I would have had to diet drastically for this kind of change. Whether you are a middle-aged professional or a weekend warrior this will be an excellent product. I'm excited about the results and cannot wait to share it with the people I train."

Robert Roos
National and International ABCC Federation Body Building Champion.

Mr. Roos is currently over 60 years old, yet he has muscle tone, definition and development of a much younger man.


As we get older, after our long bone growth is completed, the amount of Human Growth Hormone produced by the pituitary gland begins to decline at a dramatic rate. When this occurs, the first signs of aging appear to become noticeable. The chart below illustrates how the level of Human Growth Hormone production declines with age.

Graph.jpg (4765 bytes) Some of the effects of Human Growth Hormone Depletion include:

Weight gain, lack of muscle tone
Wrinkles and fine lines          

Low energy levels          

Poor memory                

Poor stamina                
Graying and thinning hair

Diminished eyesight

Sleep difficulties

Decreased sex drive

Emotional instability


HGH 2004 was created to provide the most leading edge anti-aging benefits available today. In each bottle of HGH 2004, the unique formula of Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone has been developed to assist you in achieving results like the ones mentioned below from some satisfied customers:


"After only 3 doses, I was feeling extremely rested and my outlook on life was as positive as it had ever been. I've also noticed improvement in my skin tone and the severity of my psoriasis."
Todd, OR

"For the first time since I was about 22, I wake up extremely refreshed on 5 to 6 hours sleep. I am definitely more energetic than I've been for years and my mental clarity has increased to a point that I'm able to notice it."
E.S., MA

"Since starting, I find that week after week I'm feeling better all the time. I feel my energy level gaining by the day. I'm sleeping better at night and waking up in the morning feeling completely rested."
David, WA

"With the first week passed, I am able to fit into pants easily when before I had to shoehorn myself in. I am also concentrating better and more alert for a longer period of time and not getting irritated over trivial matters."
Scott, MD


"At 64, it has tightened my skin, given me energy that I haven't had in 20 years and, most importantly, improved my outlook on aging."
Jan, CA

"I'm 42, a weekend bodybuilder and I have doubled my bench-press in just 3 months while using the product."
Matt, Seattle

"My energy level is up, my attitude is strong and my biggest challenge, losing inches, has started to happen. Today, after just 12 weeks, I've lost 3 inches off my mid-section and feel great. You've got to try it!"
David, Seattle

"I have been on it for about 2 weeks now and have found a higher energy level without nervousness and without a racing heart."
Debbi, CA


Although individual results may vary, the continued use of HGH 2004 over a one to six month period should provide results similar to the ones mentioned above by our satisfied customers.

Although the main ingredient in HGH 2004 is Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone at various homeopathic potencies, there are other ingredients included to support your body's different functions. Here is a list of some of the 17 additional homeopathic ingredients also found in HGH 2004:

Phosphorus 10C, 30C, 100C (mineral)
Raises emotional levels, improves memory and strengthens the nervous system.
Chelidonium Majus 10C, 30C, 100C (herb)
Supports and improves the function of the liver so that IGF-1 function is improved.
Natrum Muriaticum 10C, 30C, 100C (mineral)
Provides increased energy and strengthens the heart.
Phosphoricum Acidium 10C, 30C, 100C (mineral)
Strengthens mental and physical systems and increases circulation.

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