The Carbondale Center for Macrobiotic Studies (CCMS), founded in 1979, was granted 501(c) status as a non-profit educational organization by the US Government in 1983.

It exists to disseminate information about Macrobiotics and related fields dealing with restoration, preservation and continuation of natural health for humanity, environment and life in general. Its goal is to assist the rehabilitation and reinvigoration of human life on every level of existence. Its scope of activity embraces biological, physiological, emotional, psychological, social and spiritual concerns, with the intent of reinstating human life to its proper position in the spirallic pathway of universal creation.

A central tenet of Macrobiotic belief is that human happiness, to be well-balanced and self-sustaining, depends on a spectrum of factors which must include a fundamental understanding of sound health principles. Without deep, instinctive familiarity regarding these principles, health and human life can become unstable and precarious. Society then reflects such ignorance in various self-destructive ways.

Believing wholeheartedly in the ancient admonition, "Seek the Truth, and the Truth will set you Free", CCMS is dedicated to the pursuit of Truth. It is especially concerned with the danger of accepting dogma as Truth, and, for that reason, encourages a spirit of free discussion and exchange of information on all topics that relate to health and happiness.

As a forum for discussion, it has recognized the Internet as a unique opportunity to exchange ideas freely on a global scale. By going online with a monthly newsletter, its intention is to present basic Macrobiotic ideas with the hope that they will, in a positive manner, contribute to the world's pool of knowledge for the betterment of human health, life, society and happiness. Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. We are privately funded, and for this reason, accept gratefully any free-will contributions to help support the ongoing activities of CCMS. Click here to send your comments, inquiries or requests by e-mail.

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MACROBIOTICS - February 1996: Macrobiotics, as opposed to Microbiotics, means "larger life study". That is, Macrobiotics is the over-all study of life as it applies to human experience. Its aim is to discover and apply lessons learned through such study to the problems each person faces in their daily lives, such as disease, pain, suffering, etc. Its goal is to help people everywhere live better lives by teaching simple ways to restore health and maintain it, both in mind and body, by means readily available to everyone. . .

LEVELS OF JUDGMENT - March 1996: When Macrobiotics speaks of judgment, this does not mean criticism, but simply refers to the decision-making process. People make decisions, and do not comprehend the underlying factors that influence the decisions they make. The levels of judgment a person uses when making decisions are easily Identifiable. If someone always makes decisions from only a few viewpoints . . .

SOCIAL JUDGMENT - April 1996: Under normal conditions, evolution of Judgment usually follows a predictable succession, from Mechanical, Sensorial, Sentimental and Intellectual through Social, Ideological and Supreme. However, this orderliness does not always hold, due to disordered diet habits which delay or advance the emergence of each stage . . .

Fred Pulver is a Macrobiotic educator and free-lance writer who lives in Carbondale, Colorado.
His knowledge of Macrobiotics comes from lifelong study and application. He holds classes in Macrobiotics in Carbondale at the CCMS Center. A residency program is also available for non-local students. For more information, please inquire.

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