The Gathering Storm: Macrobiotics and H1N1


The modern medical approach to dealing with the flu is to vaccinate against it.


Yet there is much documentation and personal experience of people who have been vaccinated indicating vaccinations do not always protect from the flu.


Western medicine is now facing a potentially huge problem: the growing evidence that the flu strain called H1N1 could cause large numbers of people to become hospitalized and die if the pandemic expansion of the disease around the world now taking place continues to expand.


The plan to try to vaccinate large numbers of people against such a crisis has a number of drawbacks which make it unrealistic and ultimately an expensive and ineffective exercise that may be giving people a false hope of protection.


Some problems with the vaccination plan are as follows:


1)    Adverse reactions to vaccines, which Sherry Tenpenny, DO, lists in  article The Truth About the Flu Shot (, partially caused by a number of toxic and/or problematic ingredients.

2)   The large numbers of people who will need to be vaccinated quickly to avert a widespread outbreak.

3)   On-time availability of an effective vaccine or series of vaccines, since flu viruses are notoriously mutable and capricious. 

4)   The possibility that the H1N1-A strain could mutate into a more deadly form too quickly to allow enough time to study, identify, test and formulate an effective vaccine against the deadly new strain.

5)   The extreme rapidity with which flu epidemics and/or pandemics can spread in today’s world.

6)   Logistical problems with distribution, storage and clinical administration of vaccines. Health officials have now decided a triage strategy targeting certain groups that will not include everyone is the only plausible plan.

7)   Who will pay the bill for the cost of implementing such a monumental project and the huge numbers of vaccinations required especially during this time of economic hardship for so many nations? 

8)   Statistical evidence that flu vaccines historically have been ineffective in many cases.

9)   Adverse side-effects that, in some cases, have resulted in severe disabilities and disorders or even death.


As George Ohsawa said many years ago, science will ultimately fail to eradicate disease because the best defense against disease is not a drug, pill, vaccine or medical treatment.  The best defense against disease is a strong immune system that can respond to attacks by pathogenic organisms rapidly and effectively.


Such healthy immune responsiveness is built up by healthful diet, exercise and lifestyle.  George Ohsawa believed Macrobiotics, correctly understood and applied, would protect humanity from epidemics and pandemics such as the one the world now faces.


Unfortunately, it can take time to build a strong immune system, and the big question now is if the general compromised state of health among many people can be reversed in time simply by good diet to protect their bodies in the event that the H1N1-A strain does indeed prove to be as deadly as predicted.


I believe there is a good chance the virus can be averted by application of Macrobiotic principles, with the addition of certain traditional remedies that have  helped many who have contracted other strains of flu in the past.


The standard Macrobiotic diet for combating flu is roasted brown rice cream sprinkled with goma-sio or eaten with an umeboshi; also miso soup and ume-shoyu-kuzu-ginger gruel. 


I experienced several episodes of the flu during times when my immune system was compromised by chronic fatigue due to overwork and a past that included unhealthful lifestyle habits that had left my immune system weakened.


I credit my overcoming these episodes with the above regimen; whether it will work as well with everyone is an unknown, however, because everyone varies by the degree of responsiveness their bodies and immune systems possess.


For the above reason, I also now recommend for those who for whatever reason(s) do not want to be vaccinated that they consider attempting to boost their immune systems with the following supplements.  Of course, the ultimate decision whether one should self-medicate or seek professional medical help is each person’s responsibility.


In the current climate of fear and misunderstanding regarding how the immune system can protect from invasions of pathogens like H1N1-A or any other form of virus, bacteria, mold or parasite, and how Macrobiotics can help the body rebuild this capacity, advising anyone to consider alternatives can be dangerous due to the official position that any other methods are misleading and hazardous.  For this reason, each person must decide for him or herself what approach they think is most likely to have a positive outcome.


As a Macrobiotic Person, What are My Options?


When questioned some years ago about his views on vaccinations, Michio Kushi simply said not to worry.  If you are forced to undergo a vaccination, just balance it with something Yang like shoyu-bancha (tamari soy sauce in twig or green tea).  He also suggested rubbing sea salt on the spot where you are injected to help neutralize any toxic ingredients and/or adverse side-effects.  Michio’s general approach was to realize that if we have been Macrobiotic for some time, our bodies should be able to not only neutralize any adverse effects of vaccinations but also avert or minimize the symptoms of a full-blown infection by the virus. 


The main idea is to reduce the intake of Yin foods and beverages, especially those containing sugar, dairy, alcohol and artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives and other substances that depress the immune system.  Of course one should also simultaneously reduce/avoid excess meat, eggs and fowl especially if they are not grown organically. 


Especially beneficial foods for boosting the immune system are miso soup, since there are a large variety of pro-biotics, enzymes, amino acids and mineral salts present in miso that build up the first line of defense in the intestines.  By establishing healthy digestion and intestinal flora, we reduce the chance that pathogens can flourish in our bodies.  We also increase the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.  Complex carbohydrates, anti-oxidants and b-vitamins found in whole grains further bolster our bodies’ ability to ward off attacks by pathogenic viral and bacterial strains.


Goma-sio is an important condiment, as well as pickled vegetables made by traditional methods that use sea salt and rice bran (nukka) in their preparation because they are effective ways to introduce the antiseptic properties of sea salt into the bloodstream.  Sea salt in the proper quantities is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect the body from being overwhelmed by pathogenic organisms.   One need only reflect on how well the salt in sea water protects life forms found there from most infectious organisms and keeps the water clean. 


There are also certain herbal preparations such as Mu Tea that can help the body Yangize for people who have become Yinnized and need to Yangize in a hurry.  To lessen symptoms of flu, ume-shoyu-ginger-kuzu can be very helpful.  Rice cream with goma-sio is essential to assist the body to re-balance and recover in the shortest amount of time with least discomfort.


There are also some helpful herbal and natural supplements that can assist those who need extra help.  These include the following, along with the websites where they can be obtained. 


1)    Total Immune Booster, a combination of anti-virals (

2)   Natural Cellular Defense, a zeolite that assists the body to detoxify and inhibits viral replication (

3)   Lauricidin, a pure form of monolaurin derived from coconut oil possessing strong anti-viral effects.

4)   Andrographis Paniculata, an antiviral herb known in Chinese as Chuan Xin Lian

5)   There is also a potent anti-viral formula that combines Andrographis with Taraxacum and Isatis that is available in tablet form from traditional medical practitioners.


If you need help obtaining any of these natural immune boosters and anti-virals, or do not have access to the internet, please give me a call at (970) 963-0229.