Why Vaccinations Can Be Hazardous to Your Health



A vaccine contains weakened (“attenuated” is the term used in medical journals) forms of disease pathogens.  Modern vaccine theory is based on the work of an English country doctor Dr. Edward Jenner (1749-1823).  Dr. Jenner discovered that farmers who were in daily contact with cattle would often develop cowpox, but hardly ever contract smallpox, a scourge of Europe that decimated the population at intervals. Dr. Jenner took pus from cowpox sores on the arms of a young milkmaid and applied it to cuts on the arms of a test subject who had contracted a mild form of smallpox. When the subject recovered, Dr. Jenner realized he had discovered a way to stop the devastating disease.


Modern medicine took the concept further by isolating and attenuating disease micro-organisms and inoculating cultures of avian, animal or human tissues, or chicken eggs, the most commonly used culture medium for vaccines.


A problem with this method is that protein molecules from the medium used to culture the vaccines contain proteins foreign to the human body.  If we eat animal flesh or an egg, it is digested (broken down) into simpler amino acids before entering the bloodstream.  The digestive process in most cases changes protein molecules so they don’t trigger an immune reaction when we eat them.  This is not the case for vaccines, since they are injected undigested, directly into the bloodstream, where they then circulate throughout the body.


When the body detects the presence of the foreign proteins, an immune response is triggered.  Killer cells (white blood cells or phagocytes) are then sent out to consume the cells containing the foreign proteins and protein fragments.  This process is nature’s way of protecting the body from being overwhelmed by invading organisms and eventually succumbing to them.


If the body survives, it also produces templates, called antibodies, which are reserved to protect the body from future attacks of micro-organisms with similar genetic codes.  This process is called the natural immune response and creates natural immunity.  Such natural immunity is created by allowing the body to undergo a full-blown immune reaction to a disease.


According to vaccine theory, by exposing the body to protein fragments from the disease organisms one is trying to develop immunity to, the immune system is stimulated to create antibodies that will protect one from a full-blown, natural immune reaction.  In this way, the theory goes, one can enjoy immunity to disorders without having to suffer from actually getting sick.  However, there are two main problems from trying to “trick” our bodies in this way.


These problems are as follows:


1) Upon being vaccinated the body has protein fragments of disease organisms floating around in the body.  The protein fragments are attenuated or weakened so they will stimulate a mild immune response.  However, the body is not always stimulated sufficiently to mount an adequately robust response to create antibodies while also destroying the foreign protein fragments.  The foreign protein fragments then get absorbed into body cells.  T-Cells, sensing they are there, but unable to reach them directly, attack the body cells that harbor them.  This can lead to auto-immune disorders, like multiple sclerosis, arthritis and cancer, which are essentially degenerative disorders caused by the body trying to destroy cells that contain the foreign protein fragments.  Getting vaccinated can subject one to low-grade fevers that can persist throughout life due to the immune system trying unsuccessfully over a long period of time to rid the body of foreign protein fragments left behind from childhood vaccinations.  Ultimately, the immune system is weakened or destroyed by this prolonged battle and degenerative disorders whose etiologies have baffled medical science can be the result.


2) Another hazard of vaccinations is the fact that foreign proteins from the culture medium, though they are supposed to be filtered out during vaccine manufacture, can remain in the vaccines.  By injecting them the body is then exposed to other foreign protein fragments that can also lodge themselves in body tissues. The immune system is thereupon triggered in an attempt to eliminate them.  A low-grade and chronic fever of unknown origin then occurs to assist their removal.  However, again, this low-level response often proves equally ineffective at resolving the problem initiated by the injection of foreign proteins into the bloodstream.  The protracted auto-immune response can result in eventual debility and the appearance of many disorders that baffle modern medical research to resolve.


The best way to avoid illness in general is to eat right, get enough sleep, try not to worry or overwork, get enough fresh air, sunshine and pure water to build and maintain a strong immune system.  One should also fill one’s life with loving relationships and enjoy a spiritual life based on love.  Then when one is exposed to pathogenic micro-organisms, the body’s strengthened immune system will protect from developing life-threatening illnesses.  One may experience discomfort as the immune system rallies and defeats the invaders, but it will soon pass, leaving a body that now has natural immunity to that particular disease and is ready to successfully battle and overcome any future mutation of the illness.


A big problem facing the world today is the widespread prevalence of many people whose immune systems have been weakened from unhealthful living habits, unhealthful living conditions, smog, pollution of air, water and lack of sunshine, and even vaccinations, that were invented to help protect one from disorders, but which in the case of persons with weakened immune systems can actually add one more challenge that such people do not need.


-- Fred Pulver