Yin/Yang, Medicine and Physics


The standard Western medical method of diagnosis of illness involves study of symptoms, as well as microbiological studies to determine which organism is involved. Drawbacks of this procedure are:

(1) Many illnesses exhibit the same or similar symptoms. This fact is why many patients can be misdiagnosed, then prescribed treatments that do not work. The attempt at diagnosis then begins again, with accompanying treatments that may or may not clear up the symptoms.

(2) Clearing up symptoms does not necessarily lead to cessation of illness. Often, illness will continue, though manifesting different symptoms.

(3) The modern Western medical method considers each separate illness to be disassociated from other kinds of illness, or illness in general. For this reason, a patient who is systemically ill may be involved in repeated office visits for a variety of symptoms and treatments. In the end, the body can become so exhausted from prolonged treatment that "illness in general" is never resolved.

(4) The patient may become bankrupt by the weight of expenses involved, or die from battling prolonged illness.

In contrast, the Macrobiotic approach to illness is as follows:

(1) Instead of trying to identify the type of illness involved from symptoms the body manifests, Macrobiotics views all illness as a manifestation of a too Yin or Yang overall condition, caused over time by too much Yin or Yang elements in the diet or lifestyle. Also, too little activity can lead to a Yin condition, and too much activity can lead to an overly Yin (exhausted) condition. Too much Yin or Yang in diet and beverages can lead to a condition that is either too Yin or too Yang, or both.

(2) Fortifying (strengthening and rebuilding) a person with a Yin type of constitution or condition over a period of time by adopting a simpler, more Yang (Macrobiotic) style of eating allows the constitution slowly to become consolidated. Any symptoms of a Yin condition that previously appeared will gradually disappear. Ultimately, the body can be strengthened to the point where disease will no longer manifest.

(3) Macrobiotics views disease as a general condition of imbalance. It therefore assists the body to rebuild itself. In this way, the constitution/condition as a whole improves to the point that the immune system can successfully maintain health under almost any conditions of stress or exposure to disease micro-organisms. This is called natural immunity.

(4) The cost involved is often not more than, and usually less than, the cost to feed oneself consuming modern, processed foods.

In this regard, Macrobiotics is the fulfillment of Hippocrates' admonishment, Let Medicine Be Thy Food and Food Thy Medicine. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates is considered by Western medicine to be the "Father of Modern Medicine". His Hippocratic Oath must still be recited by all medical students before they are granted a license to practice medicine in the Western World.

Every month, new theories, drugs, medicines and treatments arrive on the scene, ready to be snatched up by a public searching for the Fountain of Health and Youth. The fact that most of these medicines do not help, or may even worsen one's health, is overlooked, so strong is the belief that, if you search long enough, you will find the magic elixer, the panacea that will enable you to overcome whatever symptoms of illness you happen to be suffering from, and feel good again.

This is why pharmaceutical companies continue to rake in billions of dollars every year selling over-the-counter, as well as prescription, drugs, that do little to rebuild the immune system and strengthen the body against disease.

How can your body rally when it also has to cope with drugs? If all these medicines worked, and truly brought about a condition of health, we would long ago have outgrown the need for them. That these medicines have not enabled people to build a disease-free life, and in fact, have actually made some more dependent on them, as evidenced by the increasing consumption of pharmaceuticals every year, indicates these heavily-advertised commodities have brought us no closer to eradicating illness than before they were introduced.

The general concepts of health according to Macrobiotics are as follows:

(1) The body, as long as it continues to sustain life, holds the key to regeneration and rehabilitation. Drugs or other medical treatments do not possess this fundamental ability, nor trigger, aid or enhance the body's natural ability to overcome all illness and infirmity.

(2) If we provide nourishment that is easily digested, properly balanced, and supplies what the body needs to repair and rebuild itself, it will eventually do this. However, we must also supply other conditions the body needs to rally, such as enough warmth, rest, activity, air and sunshine, as well as orderly and clean living conditions. One must also not neglect the importance of meaningful, loving relationships, as well as a deep faith in the Creative Force that sustains all life, or other spiritual values that enable us to sustain faith and hope in the face of adversities.

(3) To achieve balanced health, one must at first study consciously what constitutes a balanced diet, as well understand those items which can cause imbalance, since many people in modern society have lost the sense of what foods and beverages balance or imbalance the body.

(4) To simplify this study, Macrobiotics classifies all phenomena into opposites called "Yin" and "Yang". The concept of Yin and Yang is used because nothing else is so all-encompassing. Yin and Yang embraces (includes) all phenomena and all opposites. All other dualistic concepts are limited and incomplete.

(5) If we study and ponder these deceptively simple concepts in depth, we will begin to see the universe, and all phenomena, as a field of interaction between opposite forces (Yin and Yang). Health is then seen as a dynamic equilibrium of Yin and Yang forces and influences, which can be varied and many. However, with the vision that Yin/Yang dialectical perception provides, we can assess each situation in life and arrive at a correct determination of causes and effects at work in each situation. As our comprehension of Yin/Yang dialectics progresses, our ability to correctly ascertain outcomes, causes and effects improves over time.

(6) The process of living provides the training required to reach such deep comprehension. Yin/Yang education is an inherent part of life. It cannot really be taught; it must be learned. No amount of money can buy you such wisdom.

(7) If you want such a comprehension of life, you must work hard, be active. You must recognize the validity of thinking in terms of Yin and Yang, and practice it as much as possible.

(8) With a deep grasp of Yin/Yang dialectics, you hold a key that can decipher many mysteries.

(9) All knowledge of enduring value is based on a comprehension of the dialectical nature of reality. "That which is" defines "that which is not", and vice versa. Encompassing "that which is" and "that which is not" is a more universal comprehension: All is illusion. That is, "illusion" means what we perceive with our senses as "reality" is simply a picture we construct in our mind of what reality is all about. Yet this "image" is just that -- just an image, not reality. Since we are NOT the reality itself, but we can only experience an IMAGE of reality (whatever that may be), reality is forever ungraspable, unfathomable, unless we can become it. This is the Buddhist way of knowledge -- to realize Thou Art That (tsam tsat tsi).

(10) Therefore, all that is certain is that Reality is dialectical. This fact is observable and undeniable by anyone who has taken some time to observe the universe.

For example, "light" and "darkness" appear to be opposites. Therefore, they define each other. However, upon closer inspection, where does light begin and darkness end? Does light displace darkness or simply energize it in some way?

Yin/Yang dialectics simply states that light and dark are polarities in a continuum you could call "light/dark". Dark is considered Yin, because it is associated with passivity. Light is considered Yang because it is considered more active than darkness. Yet every front has a back: scientists are now discovering that the seeming passivity of darkness is actually very active. Indeed, the "void" of outer space, which appears to be totally empty, is actually full of activity of a far more formidable nature than anything hitherto recognized.

In fact, many new ideas about "free energy" come from a realization that the greatest source of energy lies in the emptiness of space, not in the constructs of matter and energy. "Matter" and "energy" are polarities in a continuum, but what is the origin of this continuum? What is more fundamental than either matter or energy?

If the "void" itself is the source of the matter/energy continuum, then of what is this "void" comprised? This could be the anti-matter universe that is postulated and confirmed by physics. Yin/Yang theory supports this concept, because a basic tenet of Yin/Yang dialectics is that everything possesses an equal opposite. In this case matter/energy's opposite twin that defines, sustains and perpetuates its existence is anti-matter/anti-energetic. That is, it must be something that is less than zero in weight (a property of "matter") and less than zero in activity.

Most people have been educated to consider nothing can be less than nothing. "Nothing" is considered an absolute in this physical universe.

However, Yin/Yang says if something were able to achieve less than zero weight, it would simply fly upwards instead of being drawn towards the Earth. It would also perpetually give off energy rather than absorb it or use it up.

In fact, some of the new "free energy" devices being built and tested today exhibit these traits. These devices can alter the vibrational rate of objects so they begin to levitate. And they can produce more energy than is required to run them.

In the world of traditional physics this would be considered impossible because the law of conservation of matter and energy appears to be violated. However, if the universe is indeed dialectical, as everything else is, then the possibility of an opposite universe with opposite physical laws would be logically consistent.

At nearly absolute zero, liquefied helium begins to exhibit traits conventional liquids do not. For example, it will climb up the side and out of a beaker as if it were connected by a siphon tube. Ordinary liquids do not move against the force of gravity in this manner. Does this easily observable phenomenon not suggest that conventional (Newtonian) physical laws may not hold when we are dealing with unconventional (Quantum) states of matter or energy?

Another easily noticeable effect is the levitation of certain rare earth materials and ceramics near absolute zero. If the alteration of energy state of these materials is what causes levitating capabilities, then why can't this same effect be achieved by alteration of energy states by other means, such as electrical, chemical, etc., at higher temperatures?

If the research being conducted by some of the non-traditional physicists and experimenters is valid, as the video Free Energy -- The Race for Zero Point, as well as books such as Secret of the Creative Vacuum present, then the realities of a New Physics are being demonstrated as you read this article, and will soon revolutionize energy production, changing the world as we know it, in dramatic ways.

The 21st Century is upon us. If we do not keep pace in all areas of life, we will be left behind as transformational breakthroughs, such as the dialectically-based system of Macrobiotics and Free Energy Research continue to forge into new regions of health and science, brought into reality by the unconventional pioneers of the New Millenium.

If the conventional is acceptable to you, you will probably not be interested in studying anything revolutionary like Macrobiotics or Free Energy Theories. If you feel our conventional way of life is flawed, and needs to be re-examined from the most fundamental of concepts, then I would like to extend you a personal invitation to join this greatest of adventures -- the New Order of the Ages that is now dawning.

Fred Pulver